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Can I learn Quran in 1 year? | The Ultimate Guide

learn Quran in 1 year

Can I learn Quran in 1 year?

Embarking on the journey of learning the Quran is a noble and fulfilling endeavor, one that requires time, dedication, and a deep sense of reverence. Aspiring to learn Quran in 1 year may seem like an ambitious goal, but it is not without its challenges. This article explores the feasibility of learning the Quran in a year and provides valuable insights and strategies for those who are committed to this pursuit. While the task may seem daunting, with the right approach, realistic expectations, and a structured learning plan, it is indeed possible to make significant progress in understanding and learn Quran in 1 year.

How to learn Quran in 1 year: A Guide for Middle Schoolers

The Importance of Memorizing the Quran

Narrated `Uthman: The Prophet ﷺ said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Sahih al-Bukhari, 5027]

Memorizing the Holy Quran is one of the greatest achievements for a Muslim. It has been a tradition since the time of Prophet ﷺ, when people called Huffadh would memorize the Quranic verses immediately. Even the Prophet ﷺ himself learned the verses and encouraged his companions to do the same.

Today, Muslims all over the world continue to memorize the Holy Quran and keep it in their hearts forever. If you’re wondering how to memorize the Quran in 1 year, here are some tips that can help you.

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Consistency is Key

The most important thing when it comes to memorizing the Quran is consistency. Allah ﷻ makes it easy for believers to memorize the Quran, but it requires concentration and consistency from your side. If you want to memorize the Quran in one year, you need to be consistent.

If you decide to start memorizing the Quran today, stick to it. Make sure you set aside one hour every day for Quran memorization and don’t let anything else distract you during that time.

Revise Daily

To keep the Quran in your memory, you need to revise it frequently. The best way to do this is by reciting the verses daily during your Salah (prayer). Once you’ve learned a few Surahs, try reciting a different one in each Salah to become an expert in all of them.

Remember the formula: Learn > Revise > Learn > Revise > Learn > Revise > Learn

Understand the Meaning

Learning something becomes easier when you understand it. If Arabic is not your native language, you may face challenges while memorizing the Quran. However, you can make it easier by understanding the meaning. Look for a Quran with a translation in your mother language to help you understand it better. If you have the time and dedication, you can even learn Arabic to make the memorization process smoother.

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Have a Companion

Having a companion can make the memorization process more enjoyable and effective. Islam encourages friends who support each other in doing good deeds, and you can be that friend! Find someone who is also interested in memorizing the Quran and discuss your plans with them. You can motivate and help each other along the way.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are no shortcuts when it comes to memorizing the Quran. If you want to truly memorize it and remember it forever, you need to practice and revise as much as you can. This will strengthen the verses in your heart and make the memorization more solid.


Memorizing the Holy Quran is a great privilege, and with determination, you can learn it quickly. Remember that the goal is to memorize the Quran accurately, even if it takes a little longer than one year. If you’re a middle schooler interested in memorizing the Quran, don’t hesitate to contact us to find the right course for you. May Allah guide us all on the right path.


Can anyone learn Quran in 1 year?

learn Quran in 1 year requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and dedication. While it is possible for some individuals to achieve this goal, it may not be feasible for everyone. Factors such as prior knowledge of Arabic, availability of study time, and individual learning capabilities can greatly influence the pace of Quranic learning. It is important to set realistic expectations and focus on steady progress rather than solely aiming for a specific timeframe.

 learn Quran in 1 year
Can I learn Quran in 1 year? | The Ultimate Guide 1

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Arabic to learn Quran in 1 year?

Having a basic understanding of the Arabic language can be beneficial when learning the Quran, as it enhances comprehension and pronunciation. However, it is not necessarily a prerequisite. Many resources, courses, and study materials are designed to help learners grasp the Arabic language specifically for Quranic studies. With dedication and consistent effort, individuals without prior knowledge of Arabic can still make significant progress in learning the Quran within a year.

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How can I stay motivated throughout the process of learn Quran in 1 year?

Staying motivated during a long-term commitment like learning the Quran is crucial. Here are a few strategies to stay motivated: setting realistic goals, breaking down the learning process into manageable steps, finding a study buddy or joining a study group, seeking support and guidance from qualified mentors, regularly reflecting on the spiritual and personal benefits of Quranic study, and celebrating milestones or achievements along the way.

What if I’m unable to complete learning the entire Quran in one year?

The journey of learning the Quran is not limited to a specific timeline. It is a lifelong endeavor that requires continuous study, reflection, and application. If you are unable to complete learn Quran in 1 year, do not feel discouraged. Focus on the progress you have made and continue to dedicate time and effort to your Quranic studies. Remember, the significance lies in the quality of your understanding and relationship with the Quran, rather than the speed at which you finish it.

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