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Can I Memorize Quran in 2 months? | 20 Top Tips from A Real Story

Memorize Quran in 2 Months

Can I Memorize Quran in 2 months?

The Quran, with its profound meaning and divine significance, holds a special place in the hearts of millions across the world. Many devout Muslims aspire to memorize the entire Quran, a noble feat that requires dedication, discipline, and immense spiritual commitment. However, the question remains: Can one realistically Memorize Quran in 2 months? This article delves into the challenges and possibilities of memorizing the Quran within a short time frame, exploring techniques, strategies, and resources to help individuals embark on this transformative journey.

My Journey To Memorize Quran in 2 Months: Tips for Middle Schoolers

Alhamdulillah! I am so grateful that Allah has given me the opportunity to memorize the Quran. It is a great honor and a wonderful gift. I want to share my story and some tips with you so that you can also embark on this amazing journey. All you need is determination and the help of Allah. It may seem challenging, but it is definitely possible, even if you don’t have a lot of free time.

My Journey

I attended a crash-memorization camp and finished memorizing the Quran in about 2 and a half months. During this time, I was still going to school and had other responsibilities. I even got in trouble with doctors for not focusing on my studies. But I realized that time wasn’t the most important thing. Many girls in the camp finished in just 2 months, and some even finished in just 1 month. So, it is definitely possible!

My Tips To Memorize Quran in 2 Months

1. Seek help from Allah

Make dua (supplication) to Allah when you start losing motivation. Remember that the Qur’an is Allah’s words, and only He can help you learn and understand them.

2. Get a portion done in the morning

If you are busy, try to memorize a few pages in the morning. It will make memorizing the rest of the pages easier. Starting later in the day can make it more difficult to focus.

3. Cancel stuff

Say no to other activities that may distract you from memorizing the Qur’an. It’s okay to cut back on some things for a while. Your friends may get annoyed, but it’s important to stay focused on your goal.

4. Find Recitation Teacher

Recite to your mom, sister, or friends who can help you. It’s good to have more than one person to recite to, in case someone is busy. You can even recite over the phone!

5. Memorize and recite daily to Memorize Quran in 2 Months

Make it a habit to memorize and recite every day, even if you can only memorize one page. Starting with one page will make the next page easier, and so on.

6. Memorize big chunks

Instead of memorizing one page at a time, try memorizing 4-6 pages together. It helps your brain get into “memorization mode” and makes it easier to recite to others.

7. Don’t tell too many people at first

It can be stressful when people keep asking about your progress. Share your goal with a few close friends and family members for motivation, but keep it to yourself in the beginning.

8. Free your mind

Before you start Quran memorizing, clear your mind of worries and distractions. Make to-do lists and take care of essential tasks beforehand. The Qur’an requires a focused and calm mind.

9. Push yourself when you’re sleepy

Surprisingly, I found that pushing myself to memorize a few more pages when I was sleepy brought me blessings. It’s about pushing your limits and not giving up easily.

10. Motivate yourself with steps

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the whole Qur’an, focus on reaching smaller milestones. Imagine how happy you will be when you reach the next Surah or Juz. Take it step by step.

11. Use one Mushaf

Stick to one Qur’an copy and use a pencil to mark important words and underline verses. Post-it notes can also help you get excited about reaching the next Juz. Avoid electronic Qur’an apps.

12. Keep your phone silent and away

Minimize distractions by muting notifications and keeping your phone away from you while memorizing The Quran. It’s important to stay focused and avoid interruptions.

13. Find your memorization style

Experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you. Some people find sign language helpful, while others prefer writing out verses or listening to recitations. Find what suits you.

14. Divide pages and review the beginning of each ayah

Divide pages into halves or thirds and practice each part separately. When reviewing a large amount, focus on the beginning of each verse. This will save time and help you remember better.

Memorize Quran in 2 months
Can I Memorize Quran in 2 months? | 20 Top Tips from A Real Story 1

15. Stay away from sins and keep going

Don’t let Shaytan discourage you with thoughts of your past mistakes. Seek refuge in Allah and keep going. Remember, we are all imperfect and learning to come closer to Allah.

16. Take breaks after reciting to someone

Instead of taking breaks after memorizing, take short breaks after reciting to someone. This will refresh your mind and help you retain what you have memorized.

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17. Find a partner or a group

Challenge your friends or family members to join you in memorizing the Quran. Having a support system will keep you motivated and accountable.

18. Stay focused

Avoid distractions and daydreaming while memorizing. Stay focused on finishing the page and then take a break. This will help you memorize more efficiently.

19. Not all ayahs are the same

Some verses may be harder to memorize than others. Find new ways to memorize difficult verses and don’t get discouraged. Keep practicing and seeking Allah’s help.

20. Enjoy the journey

Remember, memorizing the Quran is a beautiful journey of getting closer to Allah. Enjoy the process and the blessings that come with it. Keep going and never give up!


Memorize Quran in 2 Months may seem challenging, but with determination and the help of Allah, it is possible. Follow these tips and embark on this amazing journey of getting closer to Allah. May Allah bless you with success in memorizing His words.


Can anyone Memorize Quran in 2 Months Just?

Memorizing the entire Quran in two months requires immense dedication, focus, and consistent effort. While it is a challenging task, individuals with strong memorization skills, prior Quranic knowledge, and a structured study plan may be able to achieve this goal.

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What are some effective techniques for Quran memorization?

Effective techniques to Memorize Quran in 2 Months include breaking down the Quran into manageable portions, utilizing repetition and revision, employing mnemonic devices and visualization techniques, and making use of Quran memorization apps and audio recitation for enhanced learning.

Memorize Quran in 2 months
Can I Memorize Quran in 2 months? | 20 Top Tips from A Real Story 2

How can I stay motivated throughout the memorization journey?

Staying motivated during the Quran memorization journey can be challenging. It is important to set realistic goals, create a supportive study environment, manage distractions, and maintain a consistent routine. Seeking guidance from a qualified teacher and joining Quran memorization study groups or circles can also provide motivation and support.

What should I do after Memorize Quran in 2 Months?

After Memorize Quran in 2 Months, it is essential to reflect on your achievement, appreciate your progress, and continue your Quranic studies. Further deepening your understanding of the Quran, seeking to apply its teachings in your life, and maintaining regular revision of the memorized verses are crucial steps to ensure that your memorization remains strong and meaningful.

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