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Quran Hifz For Kids


Learning and reading the Quran is a super important step in a Muslim child’s life. It’s the beginning of their relationship with Islam and the Book of Allah. As a parent, you might be worried about how to support your child through this experience.

What Will Your Child Learn?

In our online Quran Learning Platform, your child will memorize Surahs in the Quran. We have a structured approach that sets them up for success. We make sure to balance memorization and review in each lesson so that what they learn sticks. By the end of the course, your child will be a Hafiz of the Quran and can start reading for their Ijaazah.

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Your Child Will Learn:

Memorizing from the Quran

In Quran Hifz for Kids course, your child will start memorizing verses from the Quran. They will learn how to remember and recite these verses with the help of their teacher.

Reviewing Memorized Surahs

After memorizing a surah, your child will review it with their teacher. This helps them reinforce what they have learned and improve their understanding of the verses.

A Balanced Approach

Quran Hifz for Kids course is designed to strike a balance between memorization and revision. Your child will have dedicated time for both, ensuring they retain what they have learned and continue progressing.

Memorizing the Entire Quran

By the end of the Quran Hifz for Kids course, your child will have memorized the entire Quran. They will have a deep understanding of its teachings and be able to recite it confidently.

About This Course:

The Quran Hifz for kids is specifically designed to help your child memorize the entire Quran. It follows a step-by-step approach, guiding them through the process.

Course Features:

Parent Account

You will have a special account to monitor your child’s progress. You can keep track of their lessons, grades, and reports.

Read the Quran Anywhere

With this course, you can read the Quran directly in your account. It’s convenient and accessible, allowing you to follow along with your child’s learning journey.

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Complete Course Structure

You will have a clear understanding of where your child is in the course and what they will learn next. The course is well-structured, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

Practice Center

Our practice center provides a space for your child to review what they have learned. They can reinforce their memorization and improve their recitation skills.

Easy Access

You can access your child’s classes and communicate with their teacher from anywhere. It’s convenient and flexible, making it easier for you to stay involved in their learning.

Account Management

You will have access to grades, reports, and the ability to manage your child’s classes. It’s a comprehensive system that keeps you informed and in control.

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Male and Female Teachers

We have both male and female Quran teachers available. Your child will have the opportunity to learn from a teacher who best suits their needs and preferences.


Our online Quran tutors are dedicated and loving. They will support and motivate your child every step of the way. Your child will do exercises in the online class to strengthen their Quran memorization skills. We test them at each stage to help them gain confidence. All the exercises are carefully chosen to make learning the Quran easier.

Quran Hifz for Kids is enjoyable and Fun

Step-by-step Learning
We use a step-by-step approach that won’t overwhelm your child with too much information. We take care of everything. Once you complete the initial evaluation and create your child’s account, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use our platform. You’ll have instant access to the lessons calendar, schedule classes, and payment system.

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Full online access to your child’s progress

Hey there! Are you ready to learn Quran online? With our awesome online platform, you can access everything you need to learn Quran right from the comfort of your home. Once you log in to your account, you’ll get exclusive access to Quran tutorials, practice questions, and course materials. It’s all organized in a step-by-step program that’s super easy to follow!


Daily progress tracking

Tracking your progress is super important, right? Well, with our online portal, you can easily check and keep track of your progress. You can manage your account, reschedule or cancel sessions, and even access your personal classes calendar. Plus, you can view your grades and reports to see how well you’re doing. It’s like having full control over everything!

Daily progress tracking

Managing your classes has never been easier! With your online portal account, you can reschedule or cancel classes as needed. You can also request a teacher or schedule change. And guess what? You can view all your classes on your calendar. It’s so convenient!

Portal Class Features

Our online portal has some cool features just for you. You can see your course outline, which shows exactly what you’ll be learning every day in class. You can also review and read from the text, practice what you’ve learned in our practice center, and even check your daily attendance. And if you have any questions or want to talk about your progress, there’s a dedicated discussion forum just for you!

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Other Features

But wait, there’s more! With our learning platform, you can practice listening to Quran surahs from your lessons, read straight from the Quran, and review past lessons covered by your teacher. It’s designed to give you the best learning experience ever!

And guess what? You can access your account through our awesome App on any device! That means you can easily join your classes from anywhere. How cool is that?

Why QURAN HIFZ FOR KIDS Online with Us?

Convenient and Easy

Quran Hifz for Kids online is a super convenient class for busy parents and active kids. You can take classes from anywhere and all the class materials and audio recordings are available on your online account.

Why QURAN HIFZ FOR KIDS Online with Us?

Full Benefits Package

We are a well-established Arabic & Quran online institute that provides quality education in all aspects of the language and the Quran. Our structured learning makes memorization and recitation of the Quran easy. Plus, our interface is intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t waste any time figuring out where to start.


Compared to other educational institutions, our online Quran classes are a much more convenient and affordable option. You can learn Quran at home, office, or any other place that suits you.

Advanced Teaching Methods

Our Quran courses online are suitable for children ages 5 and up. We have developed a comprehensive learning program that will help your child memorize and learn the Quran. Our structured methodology increases their abilities and makes learning fun.

The Best Teachers

We have the most dedicated, trustworthy, and professional online Quran teachers. They were hand-picked from Al-Azhar University, one of the most prestigious universities in the Islamic world. BeIN Quran is also licensed and supervised by Al Azhar University, so you can trust the quality of our teaching.

One-on-One Private Classes

Our online classes offer personal interaction between your child and the Quran tutor. They can ask questions and interact in a way that they may not feel comfortable doing in a classroom setting. Our modern e-learning platform encourages engagement and participation.

Best Video Quran Learning Software

We provide dozens of video lessons that make learning the Arabic language and Quran easy and fun. Our video library is designed to help our students speak Arabic effectively.

At Quran Hifz for Kids online, we have created an effective online course with a great team of teachers. Our content is continuously reviewed and improved to ensure the best learning experience for your child. Join us today and start your Quran learning journey!

Know The Amazing Benefits of Memorizing the Quran Course


1. At what age should start Quran Hifz for Kids?

There is no specific age requirement for starting Quran Hifz for Kids. However, children who have a firm grasp of reading Arabic and have developed basic literacy skills are generally ready to begin their Quran memorization journey. It is important to assess each child individually and ensure they are emotionally and intellectually prepared for the commitment involved.

2. How long does it take to memorize the entire Quran?

The time taken to memorize the entire Quran can vary greatly depending on factors such as the child’s capability, dedication, and the amount of time dedicated to daily practice. On average, it may take several years to complete Quran Hifz. Consistency, regular revision, and guidance from qualified teachers play a crucial role in successfully completing this journey.

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3. How can parents support their children in Quran Hifz?

Parents can provide a supportive learning environment by allocating specific time for Quran memorization, creating a quiet and distraction-free space for practice, and offering encouragement and motivation. Additionally, parents can engage in their own Quranic studies, demonstrate a love for the Quran, and serve as positive role models for their children.

4. Can children continue their regular academic studies while pursuing Quran Hifz for Kids?

Yes, it is important to strike a balance between academic studies and Quran Hifz. Parents and educators should coordinate with schools and teachers to ensure that children have sufficient time for both their regular studies and Quran memorization. Effective time management, setting priorities, and incorporating Quran Hifz into daily routines can help children successfully manage both aspects of their education.

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