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20 Top Benefits and Rewards of Reciting and Reading Quran

20 Top Benefits and Rewards of Reciting and Reading Quran

20 Benefits and Rewards of Reciting and Reading Quran

Countless Rewards

The Quran is not just any ordinary book. It is a divine book that holds immense importance. When you recite verses from the Quran, you are not only reading words, but you are also gaining rewards. In fact, there are many hadiths that talk about the countless rewards of Reading Quran. One hadith even mentions that if you recite a specific chapter called Surah Al Ikhlas ten times, Allah will build a palace for you in Paradise. How amazing is that? So, by reading the Quran, you are not only gaining knowledge, but you are also earning rewards from Allah.

A Key to Paradise

The Quran is like a key that can unlock the doors to Paradise. When you give importance to this book and read it with sincerity, it can bring you closer to Allah and guide you towards the right path. The Quran has stories and teachings that can help you understand the world better and make wise decisions. It can bring light to your life and help you overcome ignorance and confusion. So, by reading the Quran, you are not only gaining knowledge, but you are also paving your way to Paradise.

Connects with Allah

Do you ever feel like talking to Allah? Well, the Quran is a shortcut to connect with Him. When you open the Quran and read His words, it’s like having a conversation with Allah Himself. He is always listening, and by reading His words, you can feel His presence in your life. The Quran has the power to illuminate your heart and guide you in times of need. It can be your friend and companion, providing comfort and guidance whenever you seek it. So, make the Quran a part of your life and experience the amazing connection it brings with Allah.

20 Reasons Why You Should Do Reciting and Reading Quran Daily

1. For the Quran to Intercede for us on the Day of Judgment

Reciting Quran regularly will benefit us on the Day of Judgment. Each letter we recite will ask Allah to forgive us. By Reading Quran daily, we can save ourselves from Hellfire and enter Jannah (Paradise).

2. To Increase our Reward in this life and Hereafter

Reciting Quran brings immense rewards. Every letter we recite is multiplied by ten. By Rading Quran daily, we can accumulate a great amount of reward and increase our chances of entering Paradise.

3. To Fill our Hearts with the Love of Allah and Islam

Having the Quran in our hearts is essential. By reciting the Quran daily, we can fill our hearts with purity and strengthen our connection with Allah.

4. To Remove Illnesses from our Hearts and Cure our Bodies

Regular Reading Quran purifies our hearts and removes negative feelings. It promotes brotherhood and mercy, leading to inner peace. This process allows us to show mercy to others and receive the same in return.

5. To Memorize and Act on every verse we Recite

The Quran is a complete guide for life. By memorizing and acting upon its verses, we can follow the right path and enter Jannah. It is important to start memorizing the Quran from a young age.

6. To Guide Us

The Quran is the last revelation from Allah and serves as a guide for all of humanity. It provides guidance for the right path, the path of Allah. By reciting the Quran daily, we can seek guidance and stay on the right track.

7. To Give Life to our Hearts and Light to our Chests

Reciting the Quran brings comfort and relief. It helps us overcome difficulties and face challenges with strength. By reciting the Quran daily, we can find peace and remove unnecessary stress from our lives.

8. To Increase our Iman (Faith)

 reading Quran daily
Benefits of reading Quran daily

Reciting Quran regularly strengthens our faith. It increases our belief in the teachings of Islam and brings joy to our hearts. Memorizing the Quran can be especially beneficial on the Day of Judgment.

9. To Bring us Closer to Allah by loving His Words

By Reading Quran daily, we can develop a deeper love for Allah. The Quran is directly from Allah, and reciting His words regularly brings us closer to Him. This strong connection with Allah will help us enter Paradise.

10. To Increase our Knowledge of our Lord

Reciting the Quran daily helps us gain knowledge about Allah. It allows us to understand His words and teachings better. By increasing our knowledge, we can show humility and gratitude towards Allah.

11. To Give our Hearts Tranquility and Peace

Reciting the Quran brings inner peace and solace. It serves as a form of remembrance of Allah. With inner peace, we can manage the challenges of this world and find tranquility. By reciting the Quran daily, we can experience this peace and earn rewards.

Remember, reciting the Quran daily has numerous benefits. It is a source of guidance, comfort, and reward. Make it a habit to recite the Quran and witness the positive impact it has on your life.

12. For it to be a reason for Allah to make us from His people

The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wasallam) said that Allah has His own people, and those people are the ones who recite the Quran. By reciting the Quran every day, we can become closer to Allah and be counted as one of His chosen people.

13. Protects You from All Sorts of Evil

Reading the Quran acts as a shield against all kinds of evil. It protects us from known and unknown dangers, both visible and invisible. By reciting the Quran, we create a protective barrier that keeps us safe from sin and brings us peace and tranquility.

14. For you to fulfill the Purpose of the Revelation of the Quran by Contemplating its Verses and acting upon it

Allah revealed the Quran so that we can reflect on its verses and use it as a guide in our lives. By reading and understanding the Quran, we can fulfill the purpose of its revelation and gain wisdom and guidance.

15. The First Command and Word of the Quran were “Read!”

The very first word revealed in the Quran was a command to read. This shows us the importance of reading the Quran, even if we don’t fully understand it. Reading is the first step towards understanding and connecting with the Quran.

16. Leads to Understanding

To truly understand the Quran, we need to read it repeatedly. The more we read, the more we will understand. Reading is the foundation for gaining knowledge and comprehension. If we don’t know how to read Arabic, we can start by taking online Arabic classes.

17. Protects You from Transgression and Immorality

By regularly reciting the Quran, we protect ourselves from engaging in sinful and immoral acts. The Quran acts as a guide, helping us make righteous choices and avoid transgressions.

18. Reciting Quran is an Act of Worship

reading Quran
20 Top Benefits and Rewards of Reciting and Reading Quran 1

Reciting the Quran is an act of worship that pleases Allah. By reciting the Quran daily, we show our devotion and obedience to Allah.

19. Quran is a Universal Guide

The Quran is a universal guide that provides guidance for all aspects of life. By reciting the Quran every day, we can perfect our lives and strive to achieve Paradise. Learning the Quran with the help of a Quran tutor through online programs can greatly assist in this endeavor.

20. Heals Spiritually and Physically

Listening to and reciting the Quran has a healing effect on our spiritual and physical well-being. It helps us find solace and recovery during times of pain and loss. Additionally, it provides spiritual enlightenment and serves as a beneficial alternative to listening to music.


The Quran is a sacred book of guidance for all of humanity. It is the timeless speech of Allah and serves as a study guide for life and the afterlife. As Muslims, we should make it a habit to recite the Quran daily with a better understanding, seeking Allah’s blessings in this life and the hereafter. Consider starting with a Tajweed course to improve your recitation skills.

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