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How To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting? | Your Ultimate Guide

Tips To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting it

How To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting?

Memorizing the Quran is a noble and revered pursuit for Muslims around the world. The Quran holds a unique place in Islamic faith and serves as a source of guidance, wisdom, and spiritual solace. However, committing the entire Quran to memory can seem like a daunting task. This article aims to provide valuable insights and practical guidance on how to memorize Quran without forgetting. It explores the importance of Quran memorization, offers effective techniques for memorization, discusses the challenges one may encounter, and provides strategies for sustaining this noble endeavor in the long run. Whether you are a beginner or someone already on the memorization journey, this article will help you navigate the path of Quran memorization with

Tips To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting it

Join A Credible Memorization Program

Instead of trying to learn the Quran on your own, it’s better to join an online Hifz class from a credible institute. They will help you go through the memorization process easily and assess your progress.

Get A Well-Designed Plan For Hifz

Having a well-structured plan for memorizing the surahs and juz is important. Your teacher will divide your lessons based on the duration of your class, the number of classes per week, and the time for revision after every class.

Explore Your Best Time To Learn

Find out when you are most focused and have no other study plans. This will help you learn more efficiently. Once you have discovered your best time, arrange a class and start the learning process.

Set Short-Term Goals To Pursue

Start with small goals and gradually increase them. Setting short-term goals will help you maintain and retain what you have memorized. For example, if you have just started memorizing from Juz Amma, set a target to learn just the 1st Surah An-Naas. This way, you can keep achieving goals and continue your journey.

Best 4 Practical Techniques To Recall Your Hifz

Memorize With 3×3 method

Read an ayat 3 times by looking at it, then close your eyes and read it 3 times to yourself. Repeat this set 2 more times and the ayat will be memorized efficiently.

Memorize With Bottom-to-Top Techniques

Start memorizing from the last ayat of a page and move upwards. Then revise from the topmost ayat. This technique helps with the quality of your Quran memorization.

Tips To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting it
How To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting? | Your Ultimate Guide 1

Memorize With Back and Forth Repetition

Recite each ayat 33 times and then recite both ayats 33 times. This technique ensures that the verses are deeply memorized.

Memorize Quran by listening To The audio

Listen to the audio of your favorite Qari more than 10 times. Then recite the same ayat from memory. This technique is based on how Prophet Muhammad SAWW was asked to listen to Angel Jibreel AS first and then repeat after him.

Amazing Quran Memorization Techniques

There are many techniques to memorize quran without forgetting. Some of them include repetition techniques, old rot learning techniques, read-out-loud techniques, top-to-bottom techniques, and the old Ottomans’ way of memorizing. Explore these techniques and find the one that works best for you.

Tips To Maintain Quran Skillfully

Understand The Science Of Forgetting Easily

Prophet Muhammad SAWW emphasized the importance of revising your memorization. If you don’t revise, you will forget what you have learned. So, make sure to revise your lessons as often as possible.

Enrol In A Quran Revision Course

Instead of revising on your own, enroll in a Quran reciting course. These courses provide personalized plans, track your progress, and evaluate your performance. This will help you maintain your memorization accurately.

Revise Other Than The Course

One revision is not enough. You need to regularly review your lessons. Some people revise one juz daily and complete the Quran in a month, while others revise two juz daily and finish the whole Quran twice a month. Find a revision schedule that works for you and stick to it.


1. Is it necessary to memorize the entire Quran?

Memorizing the entire Quran is not obligatory, but it is highly recommended as a means of connecting deeply with the divine message and preserving the teachings of Islam. Even memorizing a few verses or chapters can bring immense spiritual benefits.

Memorize Quran Without Forgetting
How To Memorize Quran Without Forgetting? | Your Ultimate Guide 2

2. How long does it take to Memorize Quran Without Forgetting it?

The time required to memorize the Quran varies depending on factors such as individual dedication, available time, and memorization techniques. Some individuals may complete the memorization in a few years, while others may take longer. The key is to have a consistent routine and focus on steady progress rather than rushing through the memorization process.

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3. How can I stay motivated during Quran memorization?

Staying motivated throughout the Quran memorization journey can be challenging. It is crucial to remind yourself of the blessings and rewards associated with Quran memorization. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community, seeking guidance from mentors, and regularly reflecting on the significance of this noble endeavor can help maintain motivation and devotion.

4. What if I forget what I have memorized?

Forgetting verses or portions of the Quran is normal, especially if not reviewed regularly. To overcome this, establish a consistent review schedule and emphasize regular revision. Additionally, seek support from teachers or fellow memorizers who can help you relearn and reinforce what you may have forgotten. Remember, perseverance and patience are key in the journey of Quran memorization.

5. Is it Possible really to memorize Quran without forgetting it?

Yes, Indeed Memorize Quran Without Forgetting it process begins with mastering the correct recitation of each verse, paying meticulous attention to Tajweed rules. Reciters must also possess a thorough understanding of the language to comprehend the verses’ meanings fully. 

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