About Us

Bein Quran academy is one of the leading academies in the field of teaching Quran and Arabic language for non-Arab speakers worldwide. to spread the message of the Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” during teaching Qura’an and Arabic Online as well as Islamic studies.

An Overview Of Bein Quran Academy:

Before to sign up, just know more about us and Our academy, Bein Quran, is to teach Arabic and the Quran to non-Arabic speakers and spread Islamic sciences.
It was established in 2014 and has taught more than 3000 students around the world (Britain – America – Australia – Canada – China). More than 12,000 online lessons have been completed. We teach the Qur’an from the basics, you can learn the letters, their shapes, and their pronunciation until you can read the Quran with tajweed professionally. We teach children from 4½ years old to 70 years old. We have private lessons for women, most of the staff at the academy are women by 75% of the employees.


Know more About us and Learn With us 

About Us - BeIN Quran Academy
About Us – BeIN Quran Academy

About Us – Our Vision In Bein Quran

We always aspire to provide you with all knowledge that helps you lead your life correctly under the Umbrella of Islamic laws. May Allah help us in spreading the message of Islam and teaching Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.

Bein Quran Academy is a privately owned Academy that aims to utilize technology to promote the excellence of Quran teaching and Islamic studies.

It also aims to promote the Arabic language and culture by leveraging its expertise in technology and education. In conclusion, Bein Quran Academy is independent in nature and does not promote any particular school of thought. Instead, it focuses on bridging the gaps in communication between cultures by promoting tolerance and understanding.

BEIN QURAN ACADEMY provides Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment. We do not aim to make only understand Quran. in our academy our goal is to make Quran fit in our life. Bein Quran hand-picks only the best tutors to guide our students through their learning trip with us. Therefore we select each Quran teacher and Arabic teacher carefully. In addition, all of them are super qualified. Moreover, they are very honest tutors. So let us introduce them to you and learn more about our courses Learn Quran or Arabic Language Courses

Vision - About us - BeIN
Vision – About us – BeIN



Our Teachers

Faculty members have more than 10 years of experience in the sciences of the Noble Qur’an
and teaching Arabic online to non-Arabic speakers.


Our Courses

All of our courses are designed to suit your needs “Adequate time and appropriate cost” with effectiveness and efficiency in the results of our students.


Latest Technologies

Bein Quran enhances the distance learning experience and enables students to communicate effectively with teachers


Customer Care

We are always happy and around the clock through our customer service, seven days a week, to answer your inquiries immediately and provide a solution.

 About Us - Mission.
About Us – Mission.

OUR Mission

At BeIN Quran Academy, our goal is to help people all around the world learn about the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies online. We especially want to help Muslims who are far away from their home countries and Islamic centers. We believe that learning should be fun, so we create exciting content for both kids and adults to enjoy while they learn. You can even learn Quran from the comfort of your own home with our male and female tutors. Plus, we make sure to keep parents updated on their kids’ progress.

About Courses Of Bein Quran Academy

There are two main types of courses in Bein Quran academy which are:

  • learning Quran courses
  • learning Arabic language courses

Here are some details of our courses :

Quran courses 

    • Quran tajweed online:
      This course helps you to easily learn the rules of the science of tajweed which is very important for reading and memorizing the Holy Quran.
    • Quran reading course:
      This course enables you to read the holy Quran correctly and fluently.
      The teacher corrects your recitation to help you apply the rules of tajweed.
    • Online Ijazah course:
      This course enables you to take a certificate (ijazah) which proves that you have the ability to teach the holy Quran and tajweed to others.
      To be an Imam you must take an Ijazah and what a big chance for you to take it with Bein Quran Academy!
    • Quran for Kids course :
      This course is specified for children. It is known that our children need special ways to be taught effectively. Bein Quran academy has a specific curriculum for teaching and following the children in their interesting journey of learning.
      Our children are our treasure so special care is given to them to learn the religion correctly.

Teaching kids is better than adults as the information is saved easily in their minds.
By joining Bein Quran Academy with your kids, you guarantee that they learn Islam and the Holy Quran in a suitable, safe environment.

    • Quran for a female course :
      This course is suitable for all women. As most of our staff are already females so all women will find no problem in learning with us. Join Quickly and start your great journey.

Arabic language courses 

At Bein Quran Academy, we seek the maximum possible assistance in order to achieve the desire of our clients to reach the level of learning the Arabic language that they aspire to.

For non-native speakers of the Arabic language, those who work in the Middle East or perhaps deal with individuals from the Arabs, we designed a specialized course for them to know and understand all the terms. At the end of this course, we promise that you will be able to express yourself in Arabic fluently.

You can also conduct professional deals and transactions in Arabic.
At bein Quran academy, we have designed multiple language courses at a different level to suit your needs, browse with us each course to know what you want and get a free lesson today when subscribing right now

This variety of courses provides a chance for you to choose the specific course you need. Also, our teachers after determining your level will recommend you the suitable course to.

Bien Quran Academy Blog

Our academy is characterized by rich articles that take into consideration the different topics that a Muslim needs to know.

In our blog, you can find different detailed articles that discuss the different aspects of Islam. and Arabic language lessons also.
You will find articles about the pillars of Islam, Iman, Morals, kinds of worship..etc


Meet Our Teaching Staff

Bein Quran hand-picks only the best tutors to guide our students through their learning trip with us. Therefore we select each Quran teacher and Arabic teacher carefully. In addition all of them are super qualified moreover they are very honest tutors. So let us introduce them to you.

Our Teachers