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Bein Quran is to spread the message of the Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” through teaching Quran and Arabic Online. So we offer private and group online Quran classes and Arabic language courses.

Quran tajweed course

Our online courses in BeIN Quran academy will help to go deeply with the beauty of the Holy Quran. not only to understand the Quran or learn with Tajweed but to live with the beauty of his words and know the old nations since the beginning of creation and to know the book which Allah made it low.

Quran Reading

Learn quran online with tajweed with the best teachers and modern teaching method Your valuable journey with Quran has started once you clicked here. Allah has chooses you to be lucky to come to BeIN Quran academy to find our teachers.

Quran Ijazah Course

Ijazah is referred linguistically to ‘permission’ but when we mention it with Quran means a certificate or permission for Imam to read Quran with Tajweed and teach it, and this Imam or scholar is a part of chain of reciters and it leads to the prophet Muhamed (PBUH) and Allah            ( SWT).

Quran For Kids

The world nowadays goes to learn everything massive “Online” and we also prepared online learning in Quran and Arabic. Learn Quran for kids and adults leads you to learn the Arabic which Allah chooses to be the language of revelations. The believer who learning Quran he close to his nuances.

Quran For Females

Learn female Quran online and Arabic one of the highly recommended . Bein Quran academy is the best platform who provides Quran reading , Quran memorizing, Quran for kids, Understand Quran, Islamic studies and female Quran classes and the best teachers.