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Learning Noorani Qaida online is a great way to master the basics of Quranic recitation. Noorani Qaida is the foundation course for learning how to read the Quran, and it is essential for beginners to gain a proper understanding of the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and Tajweed rules. With technological advancements, learning Noorani Qaida online has become a popular alternative to traditional in-person classes. In this article, we explore the advantages of learning Noorani Qaida online, the various components of the course, the importance of Tajweed rules, and tips to make the most of online lessons.


If you want to learn how to read the Quran from the very beginning, Noorani Qaida is the best book for you. It is used by Muslims all over the world to help them start reciting the Quran on their own.

About the Course

The Noorani Qaida course is designed to teach you step by step, starting from the basics. It is perfect for non-Arabs and new converts who may find it difficult to pronounce Arabic letters correctly. Our qualified tutors will guide you through each rule and make sure you get it right.

Personalized 1-on-1 Classes

In our online Qaida classes, you will have the opportunity to interact with your tutor one-on-one. This means that the focus is entirely on you and your learning needs. Your tutor will help you understand the rules and practice them daily. They will also identify your strengths and weaknesses to provide personalized guidance.

Course Outline

Our online Noorani Qaida course covers the following lessons:

  1. Pronunciation of Arabic letters with proper articulation points.
  2. Learning the shapes of Arabic letters through activities.
  3. Understanding the movements (harakat) on these letters with examples.
  4. Different types of harakat (vertical and horizontal).
  5. Elongation of letters (maddah) and its rules.
  6. Double movements (tanween) and the rules.
  7. Stress on letters (tashdeed) and the rules.
  8. Connecting the letters.
  9. Sukoon (jazm).
  10. Rules for Noon and Meem saakin.
  11. Pausing or stopping (wakf) and the rules.
  12. Practicing all the rules using Quranic verses.
Learn Noorani Qaida Online with us
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Our Online Noorani Qaida Course Curriculum

Hey there! We know how important it is for all Muslims to learn the Quran, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve created a special course just for beginners like you. In this course, we’ll cover the following lessons to help you learn effectively:

1. Pronunciation of Arabic Letters

We’ll teach you how to say the Arabic letters correctly, and we’ll even show you where to place your tongue and lips to make the right sounds.

2. Shapes of Arabic Letters

For beginners, we’ll use fun activities to help you remember the shapes of the letters. It’s like a puzzle game!

3. Harakat (Movements) on Letters

We’ll explain how to add different movements to the letters, and we’ll give you examples to practice.

4. Types of Harakat

There are two types of movements: vertical and horizontal. We’ll teach you when to use each one.

5. Maddah (Elongation of Letters)

Some letters can be stretched out, and we’ll show you how to do it correctly.

6. Tanween (Double Movements)

We’ll teach you about double movements and the rules that go along with them.

7. Tashdeed (Stress on Letters)

When a letter needs extra emphasis, we’ll show you how to do it.

8. Connecting Letters

Letters can be connected to form words, and we’ll teach you how to do it smoothly.

9. Jazm (Sukoon)

Sometimes, a letter needs a little break. We’ll explain when and how to do it.

10. Rules of Noon and Meem Saakin

These two letters have special rules, and we’ll make sure you understand them.

11. Wakf (Pause or Stop)

Knowing when to pause or stop while reading is important, and we’ll teach you the rules.

12. Practice with Quranic Verses

We’ll practice all the rules we’ve learned using verses from the Quran. It’s like a real-life application!

Book a Free Trial Class

Are you excited to start learning? We offer a free trial class so you can see if our course is right for you. Just sign up and give it a try!

Well-Structured Noorani Qaida Lessons With a Plan

We want to make sure you finish the whole course, so we’ve created a well-structured plan for you. This plan will help you stay on track and check your progress along the way.

You can choose how long you want to take to complete the course. It can be anywhere from one to six months, depending on your availability and learning capacity.

With our designed road map, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect in each lesson, including practice activities, tests, and your results. It’s like having a guidebook for your learning journey!

What Are The Goals Of Noorani Qaida Classes

By the end of this course, our teachers will help you achieve the following goals:

  • Learn to read the Arabic alphabet effortlessly with proper articulation points.
  • Recognize letters with the same sounds but different mouth positions.
  • Connect letters to form short words.
  • Read words fluently to form short sentences easily.
  • Recite short Quranic verses fluently on your own.
  • Review the lessons multiple times to become comfortable with the new language and recite like a native.

Once you complete this course, you’ll be ready to take our Quran recitation course and enhance your voice with beautiful tones. Exciting, right?

Our Certified Native Egyptian Tutors

Our Expert Supervisors have carefully selected the best teachers to ensure high standards in our Noorani Qaida courses. Here are some of the reasons why our tutors are the best:

Qualified with Ijazahs from leading Islamic Universities

Our tutors have received proper qualifications from renowned Islamic Universities, making them highly knowledgeable in teaching Arabic.

Native Egyptians and Fluent in English

Our tutors are native Egyptians, which means they can teach Arabic efficiently. They also speak English fluently and clearly, making it easier for students from different countries to understand.

Innovative and Engaging Teaching Techniques

Our tutors are flexible and use innovative techniques to make learning fun and interactive. They even use 3D versions of pictures to help students understand the exact articulation points of the letters.

Years of Experience in Online Teaching

Our tutors have years of experience in conducting online sessions for both kids and adults. They know how to make the classes engaging and effective.

Extensive Research for Easy Learning

Our tutors research extensively to make Arabic learning easy for our students. They carefully plan activities and lessons to ensure a smooth learning experience.

How to Join Our Noorani Qaida Course

Joining our Noorani Qaida course is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

Attend the Complimentary Free Class

Start by attending a free class with two different teachers, either male or female. This will give you a chance to experience our teaching style.

Get a Personalized Plan

After the free class, our team will create a plan based on your preferred class duration and the number of classes you want to take each week.

Set a Time for Your Class

Once you have your plan, set a specific time for your class and make sure to attend it punctually. Consistency is key to successful learning!

Pay and Get Started

Pay for the course fees and get started right away. We can’t wait to have you as part of our Noorani Qaida course!

How Do We Monitor Our Qaida Classes?

We take pride in providing excellent facilities and support to our students. Here’s how we monitor our Qaida classes:

Full-Time Technical Support

Our team provides full-time technical support to ensure that your internet connection is stable and that the audio and video quality of your classes are superb.

Noorani Qaida Course
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Feedback Forms

We ask our students to fill out feedback forms monthly to let us know if they have any issues or concerns during their classes. Your feedback is important to us!

Frequent Tests and Competitions

To assess your progress, we regularly conduct tests and competitions. These activities help you improve your learning and showcase your skills.

Certificates for Regular Students

We appreciate the dedication of our regular students. That’s why we award certificates to all our regular students, highlighting their achievements.

Our Best Techniques for Teaching Noorani Qaida Online

We use innovative techniques to make learning Noorani Qaida online fun and effective. Here are some of our best techniques:

Video Watching Technique

Watching videos helps you remember the shape of every new letter you learn. It’s a visual way to reinforce your learning.

Using 3D Versions

We use 3D versions of pictures to explain the articulation points of the letters. This helps you pronounce all the Arabic letters naturally and correctly.

Reading Out Loud

Reading out loud is a helpful technique to get used to reciting Arabic like a native speaker. It improves your pronunciation and fluency.

Finding Examples from the Quran

To make your lessons more practical, we encourage you to find relevant examples from the Quran. This helps you apply the new rules you’ve learned.

Recording Practice

Our teachers give homework that involves recording your practice while reading certain words. This helps you improve your reading skills and track your progress.

Join our Noorani Qaida course today and embark on an exciting journey of learning Arabic! Our certified Egyptian tutors are ready to guide you every step of the way.

A Fun and Engaging Way to Learn Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a fantastic book that teaches you how to read Arabic letters and pronounce them correctly. But learning doesn’t have to be boring! We have come up with exciting teaching methods to make your learning experience effective and engaging.

Using Multimedia for Effective Learning

We use multimedia projection to teach you important tajweed rules, like Noon and Meem Saakin, and their different forms. This way, you can see and hear examples of how these rules are applied. It’s like learning with a cool video!

Learning from the Quran

We believe in practical learning, so we let you find examples from the Quran itself. You can listen to the recitations of Qaris (people who recite the Quran) and follow how they naturally apply the tajweed rules. It’s like learning from the experts!

Noorani Qaida for Kids

Hey kids, guess what? You can also learn Noorani Qaida online! Our specially designed course for kids is full of fun activities, quizzes, and learning resources. Learning Noorani Qaida at an early age will help you become a pro at reading the Quran. Plus, you’ll be able to recite it flawlessly, just like the experts!

Engaging Activities for Kids

We know that kids love activities, so our amazing teachers have come up with fun and interactive ways to teach you Noorani Qaida. You’ll have a blast while learning!

The Advantages of Learning Noorani Qaida

Learning Noorani Qaida has so many benefits! Let’s check them out:

  • It’s the perfect starting point for beginners to read the Quran perfectly.
  • It helps you improve your pronunciation and articulation with fun phonics exercises.
  • You’ll sound just like a native Arab when you recite the Quran.
  • You’ll learn all the basic tajweed rules that are essential for flawless Quran reading.
  • The layout of Noorani Qaida is designed to help you learn each rule step by step, making it easy to understand and remember.
  • Once you’ve mastered Noorani Qaida, you can explore other Quran courses like recitation, advanced tajweed, and hifz (memorization).

Features We Offer

24/7 Availability

We understand that everyone has different schedules, so our Quran teachers are available 24/7. You can choose a time that works best for you and start your classes.

Weekly Report Card

Every week, we’ll provide you with a report card that highlights your progress. It will show you any errors you made in articulation points and give you tips to improve. We’ll also plan ahead for the next week, so you’ll always be prepared.

Mind Mapping for Lessons

Our tutors have a unique teaching style. They create mind maps for each topic and prepare lots of examples to share with you. This helps make the class more focused and result-oriented. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn!

Affordable Fees & Discounts

Learning shouldn’t break the bank! Our program is available for just $5, especially if you’re from the UK, India, Pakistan, or Africa. We also offer discounts for family members, so you can learn together. And if you refer Hidayah Network to your friends, you can get a $30 discount!


We are proud of our revision strategy and evaluation reports because they have helped hundreds of Muslims around the world achieve 100% results. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey of learning the Quran. Try our 2 FREE trial sessions and see how fun and effective our teaching methods are. Let’s dive into the world of Noorani Qaida with Tajweed together!

Frequently Asked Questions about Noorani Qaida

What to do after Noorani Qaida?

Once you have finished learning Noorani Qaida and can read the Quran fluently, you can take recitation classes to learn more Tajweed rules. This will help you improve your Quran recitation skills even further!

How long does it take to finish Noorani Qaida?

The time it takes to complete Noorani Qaida depends on your learning plan. On average, it takes about 4-6 months to learn and apply all the rules perfectly. Remember, everyone learns at their own pace, so don’t worry if it takes you a little longer.

Do you need wudu for Qaida?

No, you do not need to have wudu (ablution) to read or teach Noorani Qaida to kids. Wudu is required for certain acts of worship, but it is not necessary for learning the basics of the Quran.

What is the age limit for Noorani Qaida?

There is no age limit for learning Noorani Qaida. Anyone, regardless of their age or gender, can start learning the basics of the Quran. So whether you’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult, you can begin your Quranic journey with Noorani Qaida.

How many lessons are there in Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida consists of 17 chapters that are smartly arranged from the easiest to the toughest ones. Each chapter introduces new concepts and rules to help you gradually build your Quranic knowledge and reading skills. So take it one chapter at a time and enjoy the learning process!

Learn Noorani Qaida Online with Bein Quran
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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Noorani Qaida Online

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while learning Noorani Qaida online:

Not Focusing on Pronunciation

Pronunciation is vital when learning Noorani Qaida. Make sure to focus on correct pronunciation and ask your teacher for feedback.

Skipping Tajweed Rules

Tajweed rules are essential to correctly recite the Quran. Avoid skipping these rules and ensure that you understand them thoroughly.

Not Practicing Enough

Practice is key to learning Noorani Qaida and reciting the Quran correctly. Avoid underestimating the importance of regular practice sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Noorani Qaida Online

Here are some frequently asked questions about learning Noorani Qaida online:

What is the duration of Noorani Qaida Course?

The duration of Noorani Qaida Course varies from platform to platform. On average, it takes 3 to 6 months to complete the course.

Are Online Noorani Qaida Courses Effective?

Online Noorani Qaida courses are effective if you choose the right platform and engage with the learning materials consistently. Online courses offer flexibility, experienced teachers, and interactive learning tools.

What if I don’t have an Arabic Keyboard?

Many online platforms provide virtual keyboards for students who do not have an Arabic keyboard. These virtual keyboards allow students to type Arabic scripts using their regular keyboards.

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Why Choose BeIN Quran’s Noorani Qaida Online Course?

This is one of the common questions that many people ask when they want to Learn Noorani Qaida online, and the following are some of the features that make BeIN Quran Academy the first choice for you and your child as it makes Easy Qaida Learning For Beginners step by step.

Call Now To Register!

1-Learning at Your Own Pace

The Internet has become one of the means of learning that made it easier for many people to Learn Noorani Qaida online in a very short time and from their place without the need to go to the place of learning and at the time you want without any change in your schedule, as BeIN Quran Academy offers Creative Teaching Style of Qaida through 24/7 Flexible Scheduling.

2- No Geographical Boundaries

You can choose the BeIN Quran’s Noorani Qaida Online Course, as there are no geographical barriers that prevent you from learning, as you can take the lesson through the Internet without the need for your presence in the academy.

Why I should register in your Academy?
Top 5 reasons for choosing an online Quran Academy

3- Feedback on each class

BeIN Quran’s Noorani Qaida Online Course, offers separate learning lessons for each student through the 1-to-1 Personalized Classes to Progress Faster feature offered by BeIN Quran Academy, allowing students to learn Qaida Noorania quickly.

The Academy also provides monthly reports on the level of student progress and assesses his level of improvement so that you can progress towards your goal, as we have Top Experienced Quran Tutors who offer the Best Noorani Qaida Classes to Read Quran Correctly.

4- Affordable Fees

The goal of BeIN Quran Academy is to provide the best services, the Best Noorani Qaida Classes to Read Quran Correctly, and Top Experienced Quran Tutors, and this does not equal the prices offered by the Academy compared to any other academy that offers Learn Noorani Qaida online at very exorbitant prices.

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Are You Ready To Start?

Common questions

How many lessons are there in Noorani Qaida?

Some non-Arab Muslims faced difficulty in reciting the Holy Quran, and it was also necessary for those who recited the Holy Quran to learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters, so Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani made the book Qaida Noorania, which contains 17 lessons.

Can I learn Quran online?

Yes, you can learn the Quran online with Top Experienced Quran Tutors at BeIN Quran Academy, and you can Book a Free Trial Class Now.

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What is the best online advanced tajweed course?

BeIN Quran Academy offers the best course in the Quran Al-Karim and in Tajweed, which is the Tajweed Course, so Call Now To Register

What are the Best Hifz Classes for Kids?

BeIN Quran Academy offers the best Quran Al-Karim memorization course in Tajweed for adults and children, Quran for Kids, and Quran Memorization Course.

Where can you get Online Quran Classes For Ladies?

BeIN Quran Academy offers the best training course in the memorization and study of the Quran Al-Karim for women and in the female Quran Course.

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Learning Noorani Qaida online is a convenient and effective way to gain a strong foundation in Quranic recitation.

It offers flexibility, access to experienced instructors, and cost-effective learning. By following the tips and avoiding common mistakes, you can make the most of your online lessons and achieve your Quranic recitation goals. With regular practice and dedication, you can master the basics of Noorani Qaida and move on to more advanced courses. So why wait? Start your Noorani Qaida online journey today!