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The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran

Female Quran Online Tutor

The Best Female Quran Online Tutor

Female Quran Online Tutor has become available on a wide scale nowadays. As the internet connection expands around the world, it has become a necessity to make the best use of it to serve the religion of Allah.

A Lot of online Islamic schools have been launched to overcome the obstacles that hinder the spreading of the knowledge of Islam. The most important of these obstacles was lacking the qualified teachers in the West.

Also the big distances between the learners around the world and the teachers in the East -mainly in the Arab countries – was a big problem.
Thanks to Allah SWT, these problems were solved by the availability of the internet and online Quran tutors Sister in the different online academies.

The Need For Female Quran Online Tutors

Recently, the number of girls and women who want to study Quran and its sciences has increased.
Hence the need for qualified female teachers to teach girls their religion.
As everyone knows that in our religion women should educate women so that they can avoid temptation and fall into the forbidden.
Therefore, many Quran memorization academies have trained and hired female Quran teachers to fulfill this noble purpose.

Why Choose Our Female Quran Teachers?

Dedicated and Punctual

Our female Quran teachers are super dedicated and always on time for their classes. They take their job seriously and are committed to helping you learn.

Interesting and Interactive Classes

Learning the Quran doesn’t have to be boring! Our teachers make the classes fun and interactive, especially for kids. You’ll never get bored while learning with us!

Free Trial Classes

Not sure if our classes are right for you? No problem! You can take free trial classes with our female Quran tutors anytime. This way, you can see if our teaching style suits you before committing.

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Fluent in English and Arabic

Communication is key when it comes to learning. That’s why our female teachers are fluent in both English and Arabic. You’ll have no trouble understanding them and asking questions.

Language Experts

If you’re interested in learning the Quran with Tajweed in Urdu or Pashto, we’ve got you covered! We have skilled Urdu and Pashto teachers who can help you learn in your preferred language.

Native Arab, Egyptian Female Quran Teachers

Exciting news! Now you and your kids can learn the Quran with native Arab female Quran teachers too. We have teachers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Arab countries. They are certified in Tajweed and Ijazh, and can teach in both English and Arabic.

Qualities of Our Female Quran Online Tutor

Our female Quran teachers have some amazing qualities that make them the best. Here are just a few:

  1. Dedicated and Punctual: They are always there for you and available 24/7.
  2. Quran Memorization Certificate Holder: They have a certificate in Quran memorization, so you know they’re experts.
  3. Skilled in Tajweed and Recitation: They have mastered the art of Tajweed and recitation, making your learning experience top-notch.
  4. Ijazah (Tajweed Certificates): They have received Ijazah, which means they are authorized to teach Tajweed.
  5. Fluent in English, Arabic, and Urdu: They are fluent in multiple languages, making communication easy and effective.
  6. Graduates from Reputed Islamic Universities: They have graduated from prestigious Islamic universities, such as Umm Al-Qura Makkah, Al-Azhar University, Cairo Egypt, International Islamic University Islamabad, and others.
Female Quran Online Tutor
The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran 1

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Quran learning journey with our amazing Female Quran Online Tutor today!

The Importance Of Having An Female Quran Online Tutor

Usually, a girl who learns is very shy, so having a woman like her teach her is much better than having a man teach her, and this is from a psychological point of view.
As for Sharia, it sets many controls and rules for the man who teaches women, and this of course limits interaction and freedom during the educational process. Therefore, we find Sharia urges that the teachers of the Quran who teach Muslim girls should be women so that girls and women can learn freely without fear of sedition or Falling into something forbidden.

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Advantages Of Having Female Quran Online Tutor

For every girl or lady who wants to learn her religion and can’t join a real school, we say that the solution is to find an online female Quran tutor to teach you online. It is known that online Quran learning has made it easy to learn anywhere and at any time. So the flexibility that women can have with the online learning program is amazing.

The female Quran online tutor will understand you well and of course, will teach you in a way that benefits you.
You can ask about anything without being shy and of course, you will get the answer you need in the best form.
Female Quran Online Tutor are also well qualified to give you the right information simply.

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How Does The Session Go With The Female Quran Online Tutor?

Simply, after the teacher and the student join the online meeting, the teacher starts to talk with her student about the content they are about to learn. They also can revise together what they took in the previous session.

If it was a Quran memorization session, the teacher reads that part of the Quran first more than once time then the student repeats and the teacher corrects his mistakes.

The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran
The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran

Whisper In The Ear Of The Online Female Quran Tutor

Your reward, my teacher, will continue for this girl who will teach her children what you taught her from the Book of God, and then they will pass it on generation after generation, and thus your reward will not stop until the Day of Judgment, what great honor you will be given.

It is well known, my teacher, that you may receive a little wage, or you may learn for free, seeking reward from the Most Generous, the Repentant.

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I also know that working conditions are not ideal and that environmental, psychological, and material difficulties are many and many problems that your modesty or faith may prevent you from criticizing.

But I whisper whispers in your ear, I hope they reach your heart and you seek reward for applying them:

1- Try to have the morals of the Quran

your students will love to memorize Quran; Because they see in front of them a living example that the Qur’an refined.
The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said in an authentic hadith:

“I was sent only to perfect the noble (good) morals”

Sahih (Al-Albani)

and not to memorize the Book of God, for the purpose was noble manners.
The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, also said to Ashaj Abd al-Qays:

“You have two qualities that God loves: perseverance and patience.”
Narrated by Muslim.

2- Know, my virtuous teacher, that you are on one of the gaps in Islam

for we are in a time in which one who adheres to his religion is like holding burning coal, so fear God in your students, desire and do not intimidate, ease and not be difficult.

We have designed Top Tips for Effective Online Quran Learning for Females

Qualifying The Noble Quran Teacher, An Urgent Necessity

Taking the lead in education in the Qur’anic circles and raising the young in them is not easy. Rather, it is a great message that should be based on those who are qualified for it, because the teacher is a key factor in the success of the goals of the Qur’anic circles.

The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran
The Best Female Quran Online Tutor | BeIN Quran

Every constructive educational process is undertaken by those who do not understand the aspects of its mission, the ethics of its profession, and its educational implications for the future of the individual and society is a failed process.

Observed experiences prove that no matter how much we introduce into education in its various forms, and whatever modern educational topics we add to it, develop its curricula, and provide it with the latest educational devices and means, it is not possible to translate this into situations, relationships, interactions, and behavioral characteristics, except through the teacher.

The teacher is an effective tool and the main element in the scope of education, and knowing the qualities that he should achieve and rise to, enables us to stand on the important and sensitive role entrusted to him.

What To Do To Qualify Out Female Quran Online Tutor?

The Quran teacher should be chosen, prepared, and qualified to be able to influence and achieve the objectives of the Quranic circles. The caliphs and great people in ancient and modern times were keen to choose a competent teacher for their children because the fruit of education results from the teacher’s qualification of the qualities necessary to carry out his lofty mission.

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Among the most important sciences that the teacher should master are the sciences of grammar, jurisprudence, intonation, and doctrine so that the teacher can deliver correct information to her students.

Bein Quran hand-picks only the best tutors who graduated from Al AZHAR University to guide our students through their learning trips with us. Therefore we select each Quran teacher and Arabic teacher carefully. In addition, all of them are super qualified. Moreover, they are sincere tutors. So let us introduce them to you and learn more about our Learn Quran courses or Arabic Language Courses

Bien Quran is a leading online Quran academy, take the step today and join our Quran and Tajweed classes online. we made it easy for you.

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