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Learn to Read Quran Online | Learn to Recite Quran

Learn to Read Quran Online Learn to Recite Quran

Learn to Read Quran Online | Learn to Recite Quran

Learn to Read Quran Online with this comprehensive Quran Learning Course that will help you achieve perfect Tajweed, Recitation, Develop your Quran Reading Skills, and Work on Quran Memorization.

Learn to Read Quran

Reading the Quran can be challenging, especially for non-Arabs. The alphabet can be tricky, and many people struggle with pronunciation. That’s why it’s important to learn how to recite the Quran from the basics, so you can pronounce every letter correctly.

At BeIN Quran Academy, a leading Quranic school, we offer you a golden opportunity to learn to read the Quran online. Our certified teachers will make each lesson easy to understand. We start with the basics and guide you through a structured and personalized plan to make you a pro in Quran reading.

Learn to Read Quran Online with a Well-Organized Curriculum

To make it easier for you to learn to read the Quran online, we have divided our curriculum into two sections. Not only will you learn to read the Quran, but you will also learn to recite it with Tajweed.

Basic Quran Reading Lessons

For basic Quran reading, we have chosen three famous books that are perfect for beginners. These books will take you from scratch to the pro stage:

Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed

The next phase is to learn the Tajweed rules to perfect your recitation. We have selected three books to help you in this regard:

  • Tajweed of the Glorious Quran Made Easy (Taysīr Al-Tajwīd li al-Qur’ān al-Majīd)
  • Tajweed Untangled
  • Tajweed Azharia

Levels of Our Quran Reading Classes

Learning How To Read Quran Online

This level is for beginners who want to learn the basics of reading the Quran. At this level, you will learn:

The Arabic Alphabet

You will practice how to pronounce each letter of the Arabic alphabet correctly.

Movements and Double Movements

You will learn about the different movements and double movements in the Quran.

Learn to Read Quran Online  Learn to Recite Quran
Learn to Read Quran Online | Learn to Recite Quran 1

Elongation and Silent Letters

You will learn about elongation and silent letters in the Quran.

Joining Letters and Forming Words

You will learn how to join letters together to form words and sentences.

Learn to Read Quran Online Fluently

In this level, you will learn how to read the Quran fluently. You will learn:

Noon And Meem Sakinah Rules

You will learn the rules that will help you join words easily and smoothly.

Learn To Recite Quran With Tajweed

In this level, you will learn more rules to apply to your Quran recitation. These rules include:

Rules Of Noon Sakinah and Tanween

You will learn the rules for pronouncing Noon Sakinah and Tanween correctly.

Rules Of Meem Sakinah

You will learn the rules for pronouncing Meem Sakinah correctly.

Qalqala And Its Rules

You will learn about Qalqala and its rules in Quran recitation.

Revision Of All The Rules

You will revise all the rules you have learned so far.

Note: After each level, there will be tests to check your reading fluency. At the end of the course, there will be a final test.

Learn to Recite Quran Online Properly in 1-on-1 Classes

We offer personalized Quran reading classes where you can focus on improving your recitation skills.

Benefits of 1-on-1 Classes

These classes are designed to give you 100% attention and help you improve your reading.

Focusing on Your Mistakes

In these classes, we will work on your common reading and Tajweed errors and help you understand and correct them.

Taking Notes and Efficient Learning

You can take notes during the class to remember the tips for improving Tajweed. This will help you make the most of your class time.

Learn to Read Quran Online Easily with Well-Structured Plans

Learning to recite Quran perfectly can be a challenging task, but with our well-structured plans, it becomes much easier. We have designed these plans by considering different factors such as age and time frame. Whether you are a kid or an adult, we have a plan that suits your needs.

Learning How to Read Quran (Kids)

If you are a kid, our structured plan will take around 30 credit hours for you to learn how to read Quran Online. We have designed this plan specifically for kids, so you can learn at your own pace and according to your own plan.

Learning How to Read Quran (Adults)

For adults, the credit hours required to learn how to read the Quran properly are 20. This means that within two months, you will be able to read the Quran fluently and confidently.

Quran Recitation with Tajweed Plan (Kids)

If you want to learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed, we have a plan for kids that consists of 50 hours. These personalized classes will help you achieve your goal of reciting the Quran with proper Tajweed.

Quran Recitation with Tajweed Plan (Adults)

Adults can also learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed by following our plan, which takes around 40 hours. You will learn the rules of Tajweed and apply them to your recitation.

Book a Free Trial Class

To get started on your Quran learning journey, you can book a free trial class with us. This will give you a taste of our teaching methods and help you decide if our program is right for you.

Outcomes of Online Quran Reading Classes

Quran Recitation
Learn to Read Quran Online | Learn to Recite Quran 2

Our Quran tutors and supervisors have set some learning outcomes for each course. These outcomes include:

1. Identifying Alphabets

You will learn to identify the Arabic alphabets and read them flawlessly.

2. Applying Basic Rules

You will apply the basic rules learned in Noorani Qaida and Noor Al Bayan.

3. Reading Ayahs, Surahs, and Juz

You will be able to read out full ayahs, surahs, and juz while applying the basic Tajweed rules.

4. Smooth Recitation

You will learn to recite smoothly without pausing, joining letters and words seamlessly.

5. Daily Revision

You will revise and review your learning daily to retain it with Tajweed rules.

6. Avoiding Mistakes

You will become conscious and avoid common mistakes that non-Arab Muslims make while reciting the Quran.

Learning to recite Quran is a beautiful and rewarding journey. With our well-structured plans and dedicated tutors, you can easily achieve your goal of reciting the Quran perfectly. Book a free trial Session today and start your Quran-learning adventure!

Best Quran Tutors in Egypt!

If you want to learn Arabic and understand the Quran, it’s important to have a professional teacher to guide you. Our teachers are carefully selected for their expertise and dedication to teaching.

What Makes Our Teachers Special?

  • They have been certified by reputable Islamic Universities in Egypt.
  • They are fluent in English, so you can easily communicate with them.
  • They have experience teaching online and have helped many non-Arabs learn to read the Quran.
  • They use fun and effective strategies to make learning enjoyable and easy.
  • They use slides and infographics to help you remember your lessons.

What Do We Offer?

Whether you want to learn to read or recite the Quran, we have the perfect course for you. Here are some of the features we offer:

Monitoring of Reading Classes

We have a team that monitors your Quran reading lessons to ensure everything goes smoothly. They make sure you have a stable internet connection, collect feedback from parents and students, and even organize monthly competitions for you.

Weeks Report Card

After each lesson, your Quran tutor will fill out an evaluation form to track your progress. They will give you a report card with tips to improve and a plan for the next two weeks.

Mind Mapping of Each Lesson

Our teachers create mind maps for each lesson to help you understand the rules clearly. They use examples from the Quran to make learning more efficient.

3D Versions of Pictures

To help beginners, we use 3D pictures to explain articulation, pronunciation, and Tajweed rules. These pictures show you how to pronounce letters using facial expressions.

Affordable Fee Plan

We believe that learning should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer an affordable fee structure with discounts for Britishers, Pakistanis, Indians, and Africans. You can enjoy Quran classes for just $5 per hour.


Learning to read The Quran Online in Arabic is a journey, and we’re here to make it as smooth as possible. With our experienced teachers and countless features, you’ll be reading the Quran in no time. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a free trial class and see how our reading classes work.


How can I become a fluent Quran reader?

If you want to read the Quran fluently, you need to start by learning the basic pronunciation and rules of Arabic that are used in the Quran. Once you understand how to pronounce the words correctly, you can practice the rules and improve your reading skills.

How long does it take to learn to read the Quran?

The time it takes to learn to read the Quran depends on how much you practice. On average, it takes about 4-6 months to become a proficient reader if you follow a simple learning plan.

How can I make reading the Quran easier?

To make reading the Quran easier, it’s important to start by learning from a book called Noorani Qaida. This book will teach you the basics and help you build a strong foundation for reading the Quran.

Is it possible to learn the Quran in just 2 months?

Yes, it is possible to learn the Quran in just 2 months if you dedicate yourself to full-time learning. By practicing regularly and revising what you’ve learned, you can complete your Quran learning journey in a shorter period of time.

How can I recite the Quran with Tajweed?

To recite the Quran with Tajweed, you need to learn all the rules in detail. This includes both the basic and advanced rules of Tajweed. By mastering these rules, you can ensure that your recitation is accurate and free from errors.

How can I learn to read the Quran online?

There are many ways to learn to read the Quran online, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some options to consider:

Free Online Resources:

  • Websites:
    • Offers a user-friendly interface with Quran text, audio recitations, translations, and Tajweed rules.
    • Bayyinah Institute: Provides interactive lessons, Tajweed tutorials, and Quran memorization tools.
    • Learn Quran with Noorani Qaida: Offers a structured program for beginners to learn Arabic script and basic Quran recitation.
  • YouTube Channels:
    • MercifulServant: Features clear and concise videos on Arabic pronunciation, Tajweed, and Quran recitation.
    • Learn Quran with Nouman Ali Khan: Offers insightful lectures and lessons on Quran tafsir and recitation.
    • The Quran Project: Provides animated videos and interactive activities to learn Quran vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Apps:
    • Tarteel: Uses AI technology to provide personalized feedback on your recitation and helps you improve Tajweed.
    • Quran Flash: Offers flashcards and quizzes to learn Arabic letters, vocabulary, and Quran verses.
    • Muslim Kids TV: Provides interactive games and activities for children to learn Quran basics in a fun way.

Paid Online Courses:

  • Offers structured online courses with live instructors to learn Quran reading and Tajweed.
  • Quran Ayat Institute: Provides personalized online Quran reading lessons for adults and children.
  • Iqra Academy: Offers a comprehensive online program for learning Arabic and Quran recitation, with qualified teachers and certified curriculum.

Additional Tips:

  • Start with the basics: Focus on learning the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation rules, and basic Tajweed principles before diving into Quran recitation.
  • Practice regularly: Set aside consistent time each day to practice reading and reciting Quran.
  • Find a mentor or tutor: Having a qualified guide can provide personalized feedback and support your learning journey.
  • Join a Quran learning community: Connecting with others who are also learning Quran can offer motivation and support.
  • Be patient and consistent: Learning Quran takes time and effort. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your progress along the way.

How should a beginner read the Quran?

Here are some helpful tips for beginners who want to learn to read the Quran:

Basic Skills:

  • Start with the Arabic alphabet: Familiarize yourself with the letters, their pronunciation, and their different forms (initial, medial, final).
  • Learn basic Tajweed principles: Understand the rules of recitation to ensure proper pronunciation and respect for the sacred text.
  • Choose a good Quran: Opt for a Quran with clear font size, markings (Tajweed symbols), and a translation if needed.

Learning Strategies:

  • Start with short chapters: Begin with shorter and easier chapters like Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas.
  • Read slowly and carefully: Focus on pronouncing each letter correctly and understanding the meaning of each word.
  • Listen to audio recordings: Utilize recordings of Quran recitation by reputable reciters to improve your pronunciation and Tajweed.
  • Record yourself: This helps you identify areas for improvement and track your progress.
  • Use flashcard apps or online resources: These can be helpful tools to learn vocabulary and practice recitation.
  • Seek guidance: Consider connecting with a Quran teacher or joining a class for personalized feedback and support.

Consistency and Motivation:

  • Set realistic goals: Start with manageable daily or weekly goals and gradually increase them as you progress.
  • Practice regularly: Consistency is key to mastering the skills and retaining knowledge.
  • Make it enjoyable: Choose learning methods you find engaging and incorporate activities you enjoy, like listening to Quranic nasheeds.
  • Find a study buddy: Having a friend or learning partner can provide motivation and accountability.
  • Celebrate your achievements: Acknowledge your progress and reward yourself for reaching milestones.