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5 Most Easy Ways to Memorize Quran Online | Hifz program

Memorize Quran Online

5 Most Easy Ways to Memorize Quran Online | Hifz program


In today’s fast-paced world, the internet has changed the way we learn and connect with others. One amazing platform that has emerged is It offers a unique opportunity for people to deeply engage with the Holy Quran and embark on a spiritual journey. Memorizing Quran, also known as Hifz, is a significant act of devotion in the Islamic faith. It allows individuals to draw closer to Allah and gain His blessings.

How to Memorize Quran Online?

Traditionally, people would learn Hifz in mosques or religious institutions. But now, BeIN Qran Academy has made it possible to memorize the Quran online. This is great news for those who face challenges like lack of time, distance, or qualified teachers. With, you can learn from qualified teachers and connect with other learners from around the world. It’s a convenient and flexible way to memorize the Quran online.

The Process of Memorizing Quran Online

Memorizing Quran online is a simple and effective process. It starts with dedicating 30 minutes a day to your teacher until you memorize two parts (Juz). Then, the class time increases to 60 minutes per day, five days a week. You’ll also need to spend 60 to 120 minutes at home, practicing what you’ve learned. On average, it takes about three years to complete the memorization, but it varies for each student.

Three Important Parts of Quran Memorization

1) New Memorization: This is the number of verses you’ll learn each day. It can be as little as seven lines or a whole page, depending on your memory capacity and available time.

2) Newly Memorized Portion: This includes the verses you’ve memorized in the last 10 to 15 days, including the new lessons. This part is crucial because it determines if your memorization will stay solid for life.

3) Old Memorization Portion: This is the part of the Quran you’ve already memorized and reviewed. You’ll continue to review and recite it to your teacher. Keeping it fixed is a great responsibility.

Features of BeIN Quran for Quran Memorization Online offers some amazing features to enhance your Quran memorization journey:

1) Qualified and Certified Teachers: The instructors at are well-versed in the Quranic sciences and have the necessary certifications to teach effectively.

2) Affordable Costs: Compared to in-person classes, online services are more affordable and accessible.

3) Personalized Learning: Each student has a unique learning pace and style. Online services provide personalized learning plans to cater to individual needs.

4) Flexible Scheduling: Online Quran memorization services understand that students have busy lives. They offer flexible scheduling options to make it easier to balance memorization with other responsibilities.

5) One-on-One Attention: Unlike crowded classrooms, online platforms offer one-on-one sessions with teachers, allowing for better focus and understanding.

6) Interactive Learning Tools: Online platforms integrate interactive tools like digital copies of the Quran, audio recitations, and memorization tracking features to enhance the learning experience.

7) Progress Monitoring: provides progress reports to students and parents, giving them insight into achievements and areas for improvement.

why do I memorize Quran online even though I can read it from the Mushaf? Did you ask yourself before?

Of course, there is a difference!

Let us know some advantages of memorizing Quran online!

1- Allah Almighty has pledged to preserve the Quran from any addition, omission, or distortion.

Can you imagine the honor of carrying the words of Allah Almighty in your memory, so you will have the honor of preserving Allah’s words from distortion or forgetfulness?

Have you ever seen someone, whenever a situation happened to them, quote an aphorism, proverb, or even part of a song?

So how if your quotations become the words of Allah?

2- become good at understanding When you memorize the Noble Quran.

this indicates that you will act upon its rulings, Remember it through every situation.

3- Narrated Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) that The Prophet (ﷺ) said,

“Such a person as recites the Quran and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes (in Heaven). And such a person exerts himself to learn the Quran by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have a double reward.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 4937.

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The matter deserves our efforts!

Let’s find the most 5 effective easy ways to memorize Quran Online!

1- Repetition is the mother of learning

With regard to the Quran, make sure that whoever’s mother tongue is Arabic or any other language, he will not succeed in memorizing the Quran except by repetition.

5 Most Easy Ways to Memorize Quran Online | Hifz Quran
5 Most Easy Ways to Memorize Quran Online | Hifz program 1

Allah Almighty said in Surah Al-Qamar Ayah 17:
(And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?)

This means that the words of Allah Almighty are easy for those who want to memorize them and understand their meanings.

So, there is no doubt that whenever you try to memorize and recite it over and over again, Allah will help you to remember the Quran and keep it in your heart.

We have designed How to memorize Quran in one year?

As you continue revising Quran regularly, you will find that you have already mastered memorization.
Many Muslims find that reciting and listening to the Quran before going to bed can be particularly helpful in committing verses to memory.

2- It’s all about quality, not quantity.

‘A’isha reported Allah’s Messenger as saying,

“The acts most pleasing to Allah are those which are done most continuously, even if they amount to little.” (Bukhari and Muslim.)

Allah Almighty knows his worshippers and their abilities and the best for them very well, so this Hadith carries a piece of golden advice that -in general- continuity is more important than abundance.

It is nice to be enthusiastic about memorizing the Noble Quran, but beware of the trap of rushing to memorize many verses in a short time, because this leads to frustration and laziness later on!

Breaking the parts of Quran down into manageable parts is essential for effective memorization.

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Therefore, try to memorize a certain number of verses that you are able to do, and do not leave them unless you have mastered their memorization without looking at the Mushaf or seeking help from anyone, even if it is only one verse.

And do not forget to understand the verses and act according to them, so that you can apply their lessons in your daily life. That will become an elevation to your rank in Jannah.

3-Repetition after your teacher

Correcting the recitation by your Quran teacher will make it easier for you not to repeat your mistakes in Tajweed.
learn more about our Tajweed Online Classes.

This will teach you the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters and words, as well as the proper intonation and rhythm. This helps you develop a better understanding of the Quranic text and ensures that they are reciting it in the way it was meant to be recited.

 memorize Quran Online with us | Bein Quran

Listen to your teacher while he is reciting the Quran and repeat the recitation after him.

This will help you to recite the Quran accurately and get used to reciting what you have memorized correctly.

4- Create associations and connections.

The more you try to understand the Quran verses and their context, the easier it will be for you to link them to each other, and this will make it easier for you to memorize them and recall them in order.

Let your teacher simplify the verses for you, and if there is not enough time, he is competent to suggest sources or books for Tafsir that will help you with this task.

5-Utilize technology

Technology can be a useful tool in memorizing the Quran.
There are several Quran memorization apps available that can assist in the memorization process.

These apps provide audio recitations, repetition exercises, and tracking tools to monitor progress.
Additionally, there are several Online Quran memorization courses available that offer guidance and support for those undertaking the memorization process.

In conclusion, memorizing the Quran is not just about acquiring knowledge or reciting verses, it is a spiritual journey that allows you to elevate your soul. It is a noble pursuit that can bring you closer to Allah and help you live a life guided by His teachings.

How to memorize Quran online
5 Most Easy Ways to Memorize Quran Online | Hifz program 2

 Learning and memorizing the Quran may seem difficult, but with dedication, perseverance, and the right approach, it can become an achievable goal. It requires commitment and patience, but the rewards are immeasurable. 

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By memorizing the Quran, you will not only be fulfilling a religious obligation, but you will also be gaining a sense of peace, purpose, and direction in your life. You will find that the Quran is a source of comfort and guidance in times of difficulty.

Finally, never forget that the journey of memorizing the Quran is a personal one. It is not a competition or a race, but rather a spiritual quest for knowledge and enlightenment. So, take your time, embrace the process, and trust in Allah’s guidance. May Allah make us among those who memorize and act upon the Quran, and may it be a source of light and guidance for us in this life and the Hereafter.

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Conclusion is revolutionizing Islamic education by making it more inclusive, accessible, and convenient. It allows people from diverse backgrounds to deeply connect with the Quran and its teachings. By embracing these advancements, we can confidently say that the beauty and wisdom of the Quran are accessible to all, just a click away. Join and unlock the beauty of the Quran today!

Bien Quran is a leading online Quran academy, take the step today and join our Quran and Tajweed classes online. we made it easy for you.