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How to make Quran easy for kids? Tips for Parents

Quran easy for kids

How to make Quran easy for kids? Tips for Parents


Prophet Muhammad has taught us that we are all guardians and responsible for our words. As parents, we are the guardians of our families and it is our duty to teach our children the Quran and instill the love for it in their hearts. This is the greatest gift we can give them, as it pleases Allah.

Tactics Make Quran Easy For Kids

1. Share Inspiring Quranic Stories

Stories are important for learning, and Quranic stories are no exception. Sharing these stories with your children will help them develop a love for the Quran. You can read storybooks or watch Islamic cartoon videos before bedtime to increase their understanding.

2. Make Learning Fun

Children love to play and enjoy engaging activities. It is important to make learning the Quran interactive and fun for them. When you do this, your children will be more likely to follow along and remember what they learn.

Tactics Make Quran Easy For Kids
How to make Quran easy for kids? Tips for Parents 1

3. Set a Good Example

Actions speak louder than words. If you want your children to read the Quran regularly and have a strong connection with Allah, you should do the same. Recite the Quran regularly and show your love for Allah and His words. Your children will be more likely to follow your example.

4. Praise Their Efforts

Support and encourage your children in their Quranic journey. Praise their efforts and achievements. This will motivate them to continue learning and improve. Children thrive on attention and positive reinforcement.

5. Keep it Easy and Simple

Don’t force your children to spend too much time reading and memorizing the Quran. This can demotivate them. It is important to keep them focused and productive at their own pace. Be patient and remember that progress starts with small steps.

6. Help Them Stay in the Flow

Allocate a specific time every day for your children to recite and learn Tajweed (rules of Quranic recitation). This will help them develop a meaningful relationship with Allah and the Quran. Remember, a few minutes of happy learning is more effective than hours of forced study.

7. Repetition is Key

Repetition is a powerful learning tool. Recite short Surahs (chapters) repeatedly in front of your children and play Quran softly at home. This will make the Quran familiar to them and improve their understanding over time.

About BeIN Quran Academy

BeIN Quran Academy is a leading institution for teaching the Quran Easy For kids. We offer Quran for kids online specially designed for kids. Our skilled and well-trained teachers use effective methods to create an exciting learning environment. Join us to nurture the love for the Quran in your child’s heart.

Now Quran made it easy for kids


1. How early can we start teaching the Quran Easy For kids?

It is never too early to introduce the Quran to children. Even from infancy, parents can begin by reciting verses and playing soothing Quranic melodies. As children grow older, around the age of 3 or 4, they can start learning basic Arabic letters and simple verses.

2. What are some effective ways to engage kids during Quran learning?

Engaging kids during Quran learning can be done through various interactive methods. Incorporating visual aids, using storytelling techniques, organizing fun games and quizzes, and encouraging group discussions can all make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for children.

3. How can we address pronunciation difficulties and language barriers?

Pronunciation difficulties and language barriers can be addressed through consistent practice and guidance. Reciting the Quran together with children, listening to audio recitations, and seeking assistance from qualified teachers or tutors can help improve pronunciation. Additionally, using simplified translations and explanations can aid in overcoming language barriers.

4. How can we ensure that children maintain their connection with the Quran as they grow older?

Maintaining a lifelong connection with the Quran requires continuous effort and reinforcement. Encouraging consistent recitation, attending Quranic classes or study circles, fostering a love for seeking knowledge, and leading by example in embodying Quranic values can all contribute to sustaining a strong connection with the Quran as children grow older.

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