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Your Full Guide to Learn Tajweed Rules Online

Your Guide to Learn Tajweed Rules Online in 2023

Your Guide to Learn Tajweed Rules Online

Learn tajweed rules is a demand for Many beginners of non-Arabic speakers  as it’s one of the effective ways that qualify them to be perfect at reading Quran.

Without learning tajweed rules you’ll never master reciting Quran like professionally.

The Quran is a special book for Muslims all over the world. It is considered holy and holds great importance in their faith. Many people want to understand and recite the Quran with Tajweed. But what exactly is Tajweed?

Why is Tajweed Important?

Learning Quran with Tajweed has many benefits. When you recite the Quran with Tajweed, you are reading it the way it was meant to be read. This makes the experience more enjoyable and helps you understand and connect with the text on a deeper level. Tajweed is also important for communicating properly with other Muslims and for performing prayers correctly.

Learn Quran Tajweed Online for Free!

Thanks to technology, you can now learn Quran Tajweed online for free! You don’t have to worry about finding a teacher or going to a physical class. With online platforms, you can learn from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. All you need is access to online learning tools.

How to Get Started

Getting started with online Quran Tajweed lessons is easy. You can register for classes from wherever you are. Many online platforms even offer 2 free trial classes so you can see if it’s the right fit for you. Plus, the fees for Quran and Tajweed classes are reasonable, making it accessible for everyone.

If you want to identify Tajweed Rules Online?

you’ll figure out it means improving or correctly reciting the Quran and being exceptional in pronouncing the points of articulation of Arabic letters flawlessly without mistakes. The root word of tajweed is “jawdah, which means quality.

Since the beginning of the Quran’s revelation, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) applied tajweed rules in reciting the Quran. He learned this way from the angel Jibreel (AS).

But Muslims needed to know tajweed rules and apply them when the Islamic state expanded as the non-Arabs made mistakes while reading the Quran, to follow the way that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) followed while reading the Quran.

What are the Rules of Tajweed?

Before you learn Tajweed Rules Online, you can take a quick overview of its rules:

Noon Sakinah and Tanween

This rule of Noon Sakinah depends on adding a sukoon mark (ْ ) on the noon letter (ن).

The rule of Tanween is about adding noon sakinah at the end of the word, but you don’t put the noon letter, so you pronounce the word without the letter noon. The tanween mark is ( ً )

Al Qalqalah

You apply this rule if there is a shaddah mark (ّ ) or sukoon mark when you finish your pronunciation of specific letters:Taa (ت), Qaaf (ق), Baa (ب), Jiim (ج), and daal (د).

Noon and Meem Moshaddadah

This rule is about adding a shaddah mark on the noon letter (ن) and meem letter (م).


Meem Sakinah

This rule includes adding a sukoon mark on the letter meem (م). There are three elements of this rule: Izhar shafawy, Ikhfaa shafawy, and Idghaam shafawi.

Heavy and light letters

The heavy light letters are: khaa (خ), qaaf (ق), saad (ص), taa (ط), ghein (غ), zaa (ظ), and daad (ض). When you pronounce them you raise your voice while reciting.

The light letters are the rest of the Arabic letters like baa (ب) and raa (ر).

Al Hamzah

Al hamzah is the mark that you put on the alif letter (أ). This rule includes two types of hamza:

  • Hamzah-tul Qata’: it has a clear pronunciation if you pronounce it at the beginning of a word, in the middle, and at the end.
  • Hamza-tul Wasl: you don’t pronounce this type. It only existed at the beginning of the word.


Laam shamsiyah & Qamariyah

In this rule, laam shamsiyah rule existed at the beginning of letters like: taa (ط), noon (ن), daal (د).

The rule of laam Qamariyah is about pronouncing and writing it. But when there is a shaddah mark on the moon letter, you don’t pronounce the letter.

The moon letters are: alif (أ), baa (ب), ghein (غ), haa (ح), Jim (ج), kha (خ), fa (ف), ain (ع), qaaf (ق), mim (م), ya (ي), kaf (ك), ha (هـ), and waw (و).


This rule contains three short vowels: fatha (َ ), damma (ُ ), and kasra ( ِ ), in addition to beats which range from two beats to six beats for each letter.

Tips for learning Tajweed Rules Online easily

As a beginner, you need to follow some practical tips to facilitate your Tajweed learning:


Listen to Quran Recitation

If you need to know how to pronounce the letters the same way in Tajweed, you can listen to your favorite Quran reciter. Listening to the verses with tajweed frequently will qualify you to improve your reciting of the Quran.

Understand the Meaning of Quran Verses

It’s preferable to read tafsir books to understand the meanings behind the verses in the Quran. This tip will ease the reading with Tajweed and recite heartily from your soul.

Practice  Quran Reading with Tajweed

You’ll reach an advanced level if you practice reading with Tajweed constantly. So, devote a suitable time for yourself every day, choose a specific surah you love to read and start practicing.

Learn Tajweed Rules in Steps

 learning  Tajweed rules won’t be effective if you decide to learn most of the rules at the same time. It will be more complicated for you, and you’ll be baffled. So, you should learn tajweed step by step and revise what you’ve learned in each lesson.

Benefits of Learning Quran with Tajweed Rules Online

There are many religious benefits for Muslims who recite the Quran as:

Tajweed Online course
learn Quran with tajweed online

Reciters of the Quran with Tajweed Rules Online will be with the righteous and noble angels in the hereafter. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:” The one who is proficient with the Quran will be with the noble and righteous scribes (the angels)”.

Reciters who find difficulty in reading the Quran will get two rewards, as Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:” and the one who reads it and stumbles over it, finding it difficult, will have two rewards”.

Reciters of the Quran with tajweed will be the best of Muslims and get a higher rank among them. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:

” The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it”.

Reciters will find the Quran an intercessor for them on the day of resurrection, as prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:” Read the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection”.

Reciters gain a reward for each letter they read in Quran.Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:

” Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Mim is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, and Mim is a letter”.


Tajweed Rules Online Course

You can learn Tajweed Rules Online and identify how to pronounce letters without mistakes through the tajweed course online on BeIN Quran and join online tajweed classes with professional Quran tutors.

Moreover, through the course, you’ll improve your reading of the Quran, learn the articulation of proper manners, and strengthen your connection with the Quran.

What’s more, you’ll learn the characteristics of the letters and practice the Arabic tongue.

Features of Tajweed Rules Online course on BeIN Quran

  • It’s not only for adults, kids can join and learn.
  • Free two trial sessions after subscription.
  • Scheduling time option to choose the suitable time for you.
  • Learning with the best tutors from Al Azhr University that give you the important instructions to apply for improving the recitation of the Quran.
  • You’ll identify the reasons for the revelation of verses.
  • You’ll acknowledge the stories of old nations to figure out the morals and their destinies.


Your Guide to Learn Tajweed Rules Online in 2023
Your Guide to Learn Tajweed Rules Online in 2023

Tajweed Rules Online is the proper way of pronouncing the letters in the Quran. You can learn its rules online with the best tutors that will guide you to know how to be proficient at reading without errors. Tajweed includes many rules related to the pronunciation of letters like noon and tanween, al qalqala, and meem sakinah.

To ease learning tajweed rules, you should apply some tips like constant listening to Quran recitation from professional reciters and learn its rules step by step.

Reciters of the Quran with Tajweed Rules Online get many benefits in life and hereafter: they will be in the company of noble angels, get a reward for each letter they read, obtain two rewards while reading with difficulty, and get a higher position among other Muslims.

Bien Quran is a leading online Quran academy, take the step today and join our Quran and Tajweed classes online. we made it easy for you.

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