Why do we Must we Read Quran in Arabic?

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Why do we Must we Read Quran in Arabic?

Unraveling the Debate on Reading Quran in Arabic vs. English

Do I have to read the Quran in Arabic if I don’t understand it?

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if you have to read the Quran in Arabic, even if you don’t understand it? It’s a common question, and today we’re going to explore the answer together!

Isn’t it pointless to read the Quran in a language I don’t know?

You might be thinking, “What’s the point of reading the Quran in a language I don’t understand?” Well, let’s find out!

At BeIN Quran, we often get these questions, and the answer is actually quite simple. Reading the Quran in Arabic can be challenging, especially if you’re not a native Arabic speaker or haven’t learned to read Arabic from a young age.

Understanding the Debate

Now, let’s dive into the debate about whether it’s necessary to read the Quran in Arabic when you don’t understand it. Here are some common arguments:

  1. “Why should we read something we don’t understand, in a language we don’t understand, when we can read a translation we DO understand?!”
  2. “Isn’t the Quran supposed to be a guide? How can I be guided by a language if I don’t understand it?”

These are valid points from a logical perspective, but let’s not forget what the Quran truly is.

Quran Is Only in Arabic – Defining The Quran

The Quran is a book that holds incredible benefits beyond our logical understanding. It is important to note that the Arabic Quran is the only Quran in Shariah (Islamic law) because that is how it was originally revealed. Anything other than the Arabic version is not considered the Quran; it is a translation.

While translations can help us understand the general message of the Quran, they do not accurately convey all of its contents. The Arabic language holds unique nuances and meanings that cannot be fully captured in other languages. Therefore, any rulings and guidance from the Quran are derived from the original Arabic version, not from translations.

Translations of the Quran are simply interpretations made by humans. They can provide a general understanding, but they are not the same as the divine revelation in Arabic.

Why Arabic?

You might be wondering, why did Allah choose Arabic as the language of the Quran? Well, the Quran itself answers this question:

“And thus, We have revealed it as an Arabic legislation. And if you should follow their inclinations after what has come to you of knowledge, you would not have against Allah any ally or any protector.” (Quran 13: 37)

Allah chose Arabic as the language of the Quran for all of humanity. It is a language that holds deep significance and carries the divine message in its truest form. So, even if we don’t understand Arabic, reading the Quran in its original language is a way to connect with the divine and honor the sacredness of the text.

How to Read the Quran Correctly

Why is it Important?

Learning how to read the Quran correctly is super important for every Muslim. Allah (SWT) told us to read the Quran in its original language, which is Arabic. If we read it in the wrong way, we might not understand the true meanings of the verses. This means we could interpret the message and guidance from Allah (SWT) in the Holy Quran incorrectly.

What Does it Mean to Read Quran in Arabic Correctly?

When we talk about reading the Quran correctly, we mean pronouncing each letter perfectly. To do this, we need to understand the qualities and sounds of each letter. This helps us to distinguish one letter from another.

When you decide to learn to Read Quran, you’ll hesitate to read Quran in Arabic or English, as long as the original language of the Quran is Arabic

{We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, in order that ye may learn wisdom.}.

Sorat Yusuf

On the other hand, your native language is English and you may prefer to read Quran in English to understand the verses clearly, as you may find difficulty in reading the Quran in Arabic.

Moreover, you may wonder about getting rewards through reading Quran.

The Importance of Arabic in Islam

The Arabic language is super important in Islam. Allah (SWT) chose it to be the language of the Quran. If you want to Read Quran in Arabic correctly, you need to learn Arabic. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on a lot.

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Why Learning Arabic is Important for Quran Reading

Learning Arabic has a big impact on understanding and reading the Quran. Here’s why:

1. Easier Learning

Arabic makes it easier to learn, pronounce, and read the Quran and the noble hadiths. It helps you understand the words, structures, and rules.

2. Correct Understanding

Learning Arabic helps you understand the true meanings of the verses, words, and laws mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. It gives you a deeper understanding of the literary aspects.

3. Preserving Islamic Culture

Arabic has stayed the same for 1400 years. It’s the origin of Islamic and Arab culture. By learning Arabic, you’re preserving this important language and culture.

Characteristics of the Arabic Language

Arabic has some special characteristics that make it different from other languages. Here are a few:

1. Different Sounds

Arabic has a wide range of sounds that come from different parts of the mouth and throat. The coordination and balance between these sounds make Arabic unique.

2. Word Derivation

In Arabic, you can derive words with different meanings from one origin. This saves time and effort for learners.

3. Punctuation and Vowels

Punctuation and vowels are important in Arabic because they help us pronounce words correctly. The way we say words can change depending on these marks.

4. Highly-Inflectional

Arabic is a highly-inflectional language, which means you can collapse a lot of information into just one word. It has lots of prefixes, suffixes, and pronouns that can come before or after a word.

Learning Arabic is not only important for reading the Quran, but it also helps us understand the rich culture and history of Islam. So, if you want to dive deeper into the teachings of Islam, start learning Arabic today!

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Will you get deeds if you read the Quran in English, or will you get them by reading it in Arabic?

All these questions we will answer in this article.

Can I read Quran in my own language?

As a non-Arabic Muslim, you must read Quran in Arabic, as the translated books of the Quran in English contain meanings that differ from the original meanings of the Arabic Quran. Also, you’ll never feel the beauty of the Quran if you read its translation in English.

You will get the accurate and deep meaning of each verse when you read Quran in Arabic. Furthermore, you’ll follow the sunnah of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as he recited it in Arabic with Tajweed.

However, you can temporarily read Quran in English till you learn the Arabic Quran by learning the pronunciation of Arabic letters.

You can learn Quranic Arabic and Tajweed rules to improve your reciting with the best native Arabic tutors across Quran and Arabic courses online on BeInQuran.

How to Learn Quran Reading?

The Best Way to Learn Read Quran in Arabic

If you want to learn how to read the Quran, the best way is to find a teacher who specializes in reading Quran in Arabic. This is especially important if you are just starting out and have no previous experience.

Why You Need a Teacher

Learning Quran reading on your own without any guidance can lead to mistakes. That’s why it’s important to have a teacher who can supervise your learning process and correct any errors you might make.

The Importance of Quran Teachers

Quran teachers have learned the holy Quran from their predecessors, who learned it from their predecessors, and so on, all the way back to the first teacher, Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad received the Quran from the Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him), who was sent by Allah (SWT). This makes Quran teachers the best source of Quranic education.

The Science of Tajweed Quran

When you dive into the science of Tajweed Quran, you will realize the importance of this knowledge. It can only be learned from experienced Sheikhs and readers who have mastered the art of reading, setting rulings, and articulation. That’s why it’s crucial to learn from a qualified Quran teacher.

So, if you want to learn how to read the Quran, make sure to find a specialized teacher who can guide you through the process. They will help you avoid mistakes and ensure that you learn the Quran correctly.

Do you get rewards for reading the Quran in Translation?

The scholars pointed out that those who read Quran in English or any other language to comprehend the Quran and study the Islam principles for obeying Allah will gain rewards for this pure intention. They may be equal to those who read Quran in Arabic.

Read Quran in Arabic
Why do we Must we Read Quran in Arabic? 1

Do you get a reward for reading Quran on your phone?

Some Muslims prefer to read the Quranic portion daily on their phones, so the scholars clarified that reading Quran on the phone or any digital device is rewardable, as Muslims will earn the same rewards as they recite Quran from the book (Mushaf). But make sure the copy of the Quran you have on your phone is accredited.

Discover the Best Ways to Learn Read Quran in Arabic

Quran Reading Course in a Near Mosque/Islamic Center

If you want to learn the Quran, one great way is to register for a Quran reading course at a nearby mosque or Islamic center. These courses are taught by scholars who specialize in reading the Quran. By joining these courses, you can receive direct guidance and knowledge about the Quran.

Listen to Recorded Quran Recitations

Another effective method to learn the Quran is by listening to recorded recitations. You can find recordings of the Quran recited by good Imams or on tapes. As you listen, try to follow along with the text of the Quran. This will help you learn the different ways to read the Quran.

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Watching Quran Recitation Lessons

You can also watch Quran recitation lessons on TV, radio, or the Internet. Platforms like YouTube offer a wide range of Quran recitation videos. Pay attention to the instructions and tips given in these lessons. Try to practice what you hear by reciting the verses in front of you.

Quran Learning Websites

Thanks to modern technology, you can now learn the Quran online through Quran learning websites. These websites connect you with professional Quran teachers who conduct virtual sessions. You can learn from the comfort of your own home using the latest telecommunications technology.

Learning the Quran is an important journey, and these methods can help you on your way. Choose the method that suits you best and start your Quran-learning adventure today!

Benefits of reading Quran in Arabic

Reciting Quran is one of the best deeds as you read Allah’s words and messages. Muslims who read Quran in Arabic will obtain many benefits.

Here are the reasons that tell you why you should read Quran in Arabic:

Earn Rewards

When you read Quran in Arabic, you’ll not gain rewards for each Surah or Verse but for each Arabic letter you read.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:” Whoever recites a letter from Allah’s Book, then he receives the reward from it, and the reward of ten the like of it. I do not say that Alif Lam Mim is a letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter “


Rewards for Reading Quran with Hardship

Reading Quran difficulty is not equal to reading Quran fluently in rewards. As a non-Arabic Muslim, you’ll mess up while reciting and find some difficult words to pronounce during learning. However, you’ll get a reward twice for trying to read the verses properly.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:” The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honourable and obedient scribes (angels), and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari & Muslim).

Generally, there are more benefits to reading the Quran:

Lightening your Life

Quran guides believers on the straight path that leads to paradise. It leads them out from darkness into the light

{A Book We have sent down to you so that you may bring forth Mankind from the darkness into the light}

(14:1) Ibrahim.

Strengthening your Faith

Reading Quran brings closeness to Allah as you’ll get a high level of faith.

{The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses are recited unto them, they increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone)}

(8:2) Al-Anfaal.

Quran is your Intercessor

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) urged us to read the Quran regularly, as it will be an intercessor for us on Resurrection Day.

He said:” Read the Quran, for it will come on the Day of Resurrection interceding for its companions”

Muslim (804).

Attaining Peace and Tranquility

Reading the Quran calms and assures the hearts as you recite Allah’s words. Furthermore, you’ll get inner peace when you listen to Quran recitation.

Allah (SWT) says: {Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured}

(13:28) Ar-Ra’ad.

Manners of Reading the Quran in Arabic

Read Quran in Arabic| BeIN Quran
Read Quran in Arabic| BeIN Quran

Besides learning how to read Quran in Arabic, there are many manners of reading Quran you should take on obligation:

  • Perform Wudu (Ablution) before touching and holding the copy of the Quran “Mushaf”.
  • Make sure that your clothes are clean before reading, in addition to the place’s cleanliness where you read.
  • Seek Allah’s pleasure and satisfaction as you purify your intention of reading for Allah.
  • Start reading by seeking refuge from the devil (Satan) and saying Basmalah.
  • Read the Quran with the heart’s presence.
  • Concentrate well while reading the verses.
  • Stay away from all the distracting factors around you.
  • Read the Quran with humbleness and a low voice.
  • Seek Allah’s protection while reading a warning verse that is related to Allah’s punishment in the Hereafter.
  • Avoid speaking while reciting the Quran.


It’s compulsory to read Quran in Arabic to comprehend the verses’ meanings accurately and deeply. Also, you must read Quran in Arabic to sense its beauty of the Quran. You’ll also get rewards if you read the Quran in English at the beginning to acknowledge Islam’s basics and principles.

Reading Quran on the phone is rewardable as reading it from its copy (Mushaf). When you read Quran in Arabic, you’ll win a reward for each letter you pronounce and twice a reward for reading it hardly. The further benefits you obtain are gaining tranquillity, closeness to Allah, and guiding your life to the right path.

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